Vivianne Otsa


”Painting is a necessity and a process which is in movement just like the Ocean and Life itself.”

The interest in painting has been present in Vivianne Otsa’s life since her early years with strong influences from her father, who created large scale oil paintings in the basement of the family house during Vivianne’s childhood.
Vivianne often paints in smaller scale, with acrylic on canvas and she has over the past decade found an artistic expression within her own form of pointillism;

“I started with a few dots and then they became more and more. Since then, my technique has evolved over the years. I immediately was intrigued by this technique and have found my own expression. The motif comes to life and is gentle, but at the same time abstract.”

Vivianne draws her inspiration from nature and animals, but also from different places and incidents in life. The heron is one of the artist’s favourite motifs, at the same time beautiful as comical in their statuesque profile.
The dusk and Ocean are also great sources of inspiration, where the colour scheme makes for an effectful atmosphere enhancer. The paintings are characterized both by bright and dark hues, sometimes affected by the artist’s mood, and the atmosphere is enhanced further by the different silhouettes of the Ocean;

“When I begin to paint, I often have a clear image of the motif, but this image can also change during the painting process. If it will become a calm sea or surging waves, this I mostly know before I start the painting, perhaps my state of mind is playing its part there.
I find the harmony and the colour scheme of the paintings important.”

Vivianne always paints multiple motifs at the same time in her studio. This gives her the opportunity to step away from a painting for some time to get a new perspective of the motif and the creative process.
Recently gold paint has found its way onto the artist’s palette, a way to mediate the sensation of a golden dawn over a grey-blue sea which has not yet developed its deep blue nuance of day.

Vivianne Otsa, born 1967 in Eskilstuna, has lived a great part of her life on the Swedish west coast in Gothenburgh. Since 2015 she lives in Småland where she has her studio in the old station house in Moheda.
Alongside a one-year art education at Konstskolan in Stockholm, Vivianne is an autodidact and has since 2009 participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions in southern Sweden.
In 2020 Vivianne was awarded the Alvesta municipality’s culture scholarship.