Margareta Sieradzki


Margareta Sieradzki, born in Vilhelmina 1955, grew up in Härnösand.
During her younger years Sieradzki studied dancing at Balettakademien (the Academy of Ballet) in Stockholm, and continued these dancing studies in Paris in the early 1980’s.

Sieradzki’s career as an artist was initiated at the end of the 1980’s when she began to bring the movement from the dance into paint onto the canvas.
She has since participated in a number of solo exhibitions around Sweden, from Stockholm to Malmö, and her art pieces are also represented at Statens konstråd (the Public Art Agency of Sweden).
In year 2013 Sieradzki initiated a collaboration with IKEA, which led to her art piece Stripe being sold as a poster at IKEA’s department stores around the world between 2013-2015.
In 2019 Sieradzki participated as one of 136 artists at Liljevalchs Vårsalong (The Spring Salon), where her piece Koigi made up the welcome committee above Liljevalch’s main entrance facing Djurgårdsvägen.

Sieradzki’s background in modern dance, with Martha Graham’s and Merce Cunningham’s abstract styles in focus, have been a great sources of influence to her abstract expressionism.
An early encounter with the Härnösand-artist Rune Hagberg, who like Sieradzki herself is an autodidact, introduced her to the simplicity and beauty of the brushstroke. A technique which has come to be Sieradzki’s trademark:

”Through my dance studies I was trained in pace, dimensions, directions, pitch, precision and flow.
To refine the expression, make it even simpler and to find the way to the spontaneity of the brushstrokes very own beauty has always been my way.”

In her studio in Malmö, Sieradzki always aims to maintain the natural and simple in her paintings.
All pieces are made on the floor of the studio, where fabric holstered on an MDF panel forms the base – to give the painting its natural and bare structure – and a broad paintbrush is the instrument – to enhance the pure expression of the brush stroke.