Maritime Aware Art

The philosophy behind Lindberg-on-Sea Art Gallery is to, through inspiring artwork depicting the marine world, motivate and enlighten all art and nautical enthusiasts that together, we have both the possibility and the ability to make a positive change.

To be able to continue enjoying our oceans, seas and lakes – not just today and tomorrow, but long-term for future generations – Lindberg-on-Sea Art Gallery strives to take responsibility and help out in the efforts of making a difference.
Therefore, Lindberg-on-Sea represents artists who themselves are passionate for the preservation of our world oceans and every art sale generates a contribution to ongoing national and international projects working to save our oceans and the life within them.
Investing in art from the Lindberg-on-Sea Art Gallery thus means not only to enjoy wonderful artwork, but also a participation in the preserving of our wonderful oceans, seas and lakes, enabling these to continue giving us the immense joy and beauty they bestow upon us today – what I call Maritime Aware Art.
Share our passion for the oceans and their life forms;

Invest, Enjoy and Do Good

– Both for Yourself and Our World Oceans

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Art should – in my view – inspire, hearten and give the admirer a true ‘Wow’ feeling, at the same time as it should touch something positive in our minds and memories.
The inspiration for Lindberg-on-Sea Art Gallery’s maritime theme derives from a life and upbringing which has been centered around and invigorated by a constant presence of water and aquatic life;

Through the privilege of always having lakes and seas close by my side during my childhood years – both at my childhood home by Mälaren where the fantastic views change with the seasons, weather and hours of the day, as well as during the summers at the family sailboat Eufori – I have developed a great passion for everything maritime.
My first summers I, just like my sister before me, spent sleeping in a homebuilt cradle hung in the cabin of Eufori, bathing in the cockpit or the bays of the archipelago, and learning to row in the family dinghy.
When I later in life met my husband we discovered the joy of diving and freediving together and through this an entirely new world which had me completely awestruck – more than I had ever experienced above surface.
The fantastic animals that live and coexist in our lakes, seas and oceans are fascinating to say the least; tadpoles hatching in the shallow bays of lakes in springtime and growing into perfect frogs, squids in the Red Sea coordinating their hunting methods to perfection, turtles and langoustes in the Indian Ocean sharing the same cave sleeping in shifts, octopuses in the Mediterranean small as golf balls but with the strength to lift many times their own weight. The list is endless…

My wonderful experiences from lakes, seas and oceans have given me many joyful moments and has also been the source and inspiration for Lindberg-on-Sea Art Gallery.
After a close decade working within both the auction and museum worlds, with a MA in Art History and studies in Economics from Uppsala University, I decided that it was time to take the next step and combine my love for art and my love for everything maritime; thus founding Lindberg-on-Sea Art Gallery.
My vision is for the Gallery to serve as a channel to mediate inspiring art and at the same time as a platform to reimburse our incomparable nature.
The aim is to make others, like me, discover positive connection with the aquatic nature through the carefully curated artwork.

Short About

Lindberg-on-Sea Art Gallery was founded in 2018 and has a showroom on Rörstrandsgatan 28 in the heart of Vasastan in Stockholm.
The Gallery is owned and run by Sofia Lindberg.
The represented art consists exclusively of contemporary art with a maritime emphasis exhibited both through permanent and temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

The Ocean Cleanup

Over five trillion pieces of plastic currently litter our Oceans. This plastic finds its way into our food through bottle water, shellfish, beer and salt, and the result is that we, within the span of a week, consume about 2 000 micro plastic articles; the equivalent of the weight of a credit card.
Plastic litter in our Oceans have already, and will increasingly, impact our eco systems, health and economies. It will not go away by itself and therefore we must act upon it and solve this issue before it spreads even more.

Trash in the Oceans accumulates in five garbage patches spread over the globe, concentrated by ocean currents; with the largest one being the Great Garbage Patch, located between Hawaii and California.
The challenge of cleaning the plastic from these patches is that the pollution areas are spread across millions of square kilometers and constantly travels in all directions due to the ocean gyres. Thus, to attempt collecting the plastic litter using vessels and nets would take thousands of years and cost monstrous amounts of money and hence makes for a poor choice.

The Ocean Cleanup’s objective however, is to solely take advantage of the natural oceanic forces which is achieved by passive systems utilizing the natural forces to catch and concentrate plastic litter, not requiring any external energy sources. The wind and waves propel the system with its floater sitting just above the water surface, and thus moving faster than the plastic, being carried only by the current, allows the system to capture the plastic within its structure.
As the system moves not only with the wind and waves but also, just like the plastic litter which it chases, with the currents the system will gravitate to the same areas as the largest garbage patches and can begin its collection of plastic.
In addition to developing and working to release more cleanup systems into our Oceans, The Ocean Cleanup continuously explores new options for reclaiming of the plastic waste once it has been collected.

Lindberg-on-Sea Art Gallery finds great value in the vast efforts and advances made by The Ocean Cleanup to clear our Oceans from plastic waste and will therefore contribute to their work through donations for each sale the gallery generates.

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