Berit Norrbelius Lindberg


Already as a child, Berit Norrbelius Lindberg has expressed her artistic talent and began at an early age to experiment with different techniques, both in painting and in arts & crafts.

Today Berit’s preferred technique is acrylic on canvas and mdf.
Her partiality for geometrical shapes – a trace from her earlier carrier as an elementary mathematics teacher – brushes the abstract at the same time as they, in their vivid colour schemes, deliver tangible figurative motifs with incredible depth;

“With colour panels and silhouettes I take you out to sea, through channels, and voluminous landscapes.”

I get my inspiration from my surroundings combined with a lot of fantasy.
The subjects are often ‘ships’ and billowy landscapes, always with sharp contrasts between light and dark.”

In the studio by her home outside of Gävle, Berit creates her acrylic paintings in bright colours, building them in different layers.
Through this multilayered technique a motif can change quickly and the imaginative world is able to find a new direction before the painting is completed – another expression of the artist’s amazingly visionary creative ability.

Berit Norrbelius Lindberg, born in 1953, has lived her whole life in Gävle where she still lives and has her studio.
Originally Berit educated as an elementary mathematics and nature science teacher, which can be perceived in her geometrically inspired motifs.
Within the scope of her art education, Berit has attended multiple courses at the Gerlesborg School of Fine Art in Stockholm and at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts.
She has during the past ten years participated in many judged exhibitions, solo exhibitions, and art fairs around Sweden, including Länskonst Gävleborg and Edsvik Konsthall.
In 2012 Berit participated in ‘Sandviken Art Festival’ (‘SAFE’), and in 2013 she contributed to the – by the ’European Waste Reduction Award’ nominated – project ‘ASWR’ together with Gästrike Återvinnare (Gästrike recyclers), Länsmuseet Gävleborg (the county museum of Gävleborg) and FPX, where the selected artists created art from material turned in at the recycling station in order to demonstrate the huge burden our consumption has on the environment.

Juried exhibitions
2020: Little Art Cakery Skutskärs Bibliotek Linné kammare, Vallhovs säteri Orsta Galleri, Nordingrå | 2019: Konstcentrum, Gävle | 2018: Edsvik Konsthalls höstsalong (also in 2014) Länskonst Gävleborg (also ealier years) | 2016: Galleri Hultman, Helsingborg | 2015: Väsby konsthall (also in 2013) | 2014: Konst Nu, Märsta konsthall | 2013: Överbysalongen

Solo exhibitions
2019: Galleri Ekdahl, Karlstad Galleri Vallhovs säteri, Linné kammare (also in 2018 and 2017) | 2018: Hägernäs Strands Galleri, Täby | 2017: Galleri K, Gävle | 2016: Galleri Engleson, Stockholm | 2015: Galleri Elixir, Gävle sjukhus Tallbo konstnärshem Galleri Bellman, Stockholm | 2014: Galleri Majoo, Gävle | 2010: Galleri Luckan, Laxön Älvkarleby | 2009: HBK Hofors

Group exhibitions
2019: ’Art Show’, Galleri Zeitgeist Uppsala Postens Konstförening | 2018: ’Vänner och vänners vänner’, Gävle Galleri 67, Stockholm Galleri Riddaren, Stockholm Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping ’Tillsammans’, Galleri Upsala | 2017: Gysinge Bruk Engeltofta | 2016: Galleri NordicArts Sommarsalong, Stockholm Önlogen, Mannaminne, arr Artnetco | 2015: Galleri Greenverk, Tällberg | 2013: ’Landskap’, Virsbo konsthall GT-gården, Vemdalen Galleri Johangården