Oysters and Caviar - A Solo Exhibition by Caroline Christina Lundqvist

During April and May Lindberg-on-Sea Art Gallery is proud to present Caroline Christina Lundqvist’s first solo exhibition ‘Oysters and Caviar’.
In this exhibition Caroline celebrates two of the oceans more sensitive and fascinating creatures. Here, the fantastic organic shape of the Caviar grain is introduced together with the mysterious Oyster, in whose nature Caroline identifies a likeness with us humans; the hard shell which many times shields our fragile and vulnerable inner selves.

“I often consider the part of the oyster which we eat as being similar to our inner child, which develops, alters, needs protection and love. All oysters are individuals, with differing existences in different environments under differing conditions, just like us.

When I for the first time ate an Oyster 13 years ago it became very clear to me what I wished to paint.
I was enchanted by the contrast of the hard, sharp shell and the fragile, sensual sea creature laying protected within on a gleaming bed of soft cream, beige, light grey, white and pearl. All the little glimmering components, the porcelainlike shell, the shadows and the organic shapes became increasingly intriguing and fascinating to me. In aquarelle I could express my emotions, memories and thoughts in the shape of an Oyster.

Over the past year I have been captivated by Caviar and the history behind these small, delicate, luxurious, glistening, beautiful eggs. Organic and round shapes is something which I am drawn to in all kinds of objects and have been for as long as I can remember. They bring a sense of calm and harmony.”

Caroline Christina keeps her studio in her home, where her paintings are created on the floor.
She prefers to paint in the late-night hours when the world is sleeping and a calm descends like a veil revealing a new world without obligations and rules, where all the stress of the day evanesce and only the thoughts, ideas and images of the artist guides and directs the movement of the brush.
The paintings start out as a light contour sketch, after which the rest of the motif is allowed to emerge without a predetermined plan. The contour always remains, but both shape, colour and end result is given the freedom to change during the course of the painting process.
Through this dynamic and free process, it takes anywhere from a few weeks up to several months for Caroline to complete her aquarelle paintings, while her oil paintings – which are a relatively new technique for the artist – takes considerably longer to finish.

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