Caroline Christina Lundqvist


The inspiration behind Caroline’s motifs is a profound fascination of the contrasting hard edges and soft roundness of the oyster and the perfect spheric shape of the caviar grain.
Caroline’s artworks are depicted in a soft, subtle tonality and a naked sincerity where the graceful shapes and contours are emphasized. At the same time, Caroline works with an incredible richness of detail which gives the motifs life and accentuates the delicate dynamic of these sea creatures.

“When I for the first time ate an Oyster 13 years ago it became very clear to me what I wished to paint.
I was enchanted by the contrast of the hard, sharp shell and the fragile, sensual sea creature laying protected within on a gleaming bed of soft cream, beige, light grey, white and pearl. All the little glimmering components, the porcelainlike shell, the shadows and the organic shapes became increasingly intriguing and fascinating to me. In aquarelle I could express my emotions, memories and thoughts in the shape of an Oyster.”

Caroline Christina Lundqvist was born in 1989 in Eskilstuna and is today living in Stockholm.
Caroline is an autodidact artist and has painted for as long as she can remember with her mother as role model. Her artistry has developed over the past decade and from only having worked with aquarelle paint she has lately found a new, parallel expression through oil paint.

Since 2014 Caroline has participated in several exhibitions in Sweden and Scandinavia, and her paintings have also been sold by the exclusive interior design boutiques Asplund and Artilleriet, both as originals and as fine art prints and posters.
Caroline’s artworks have, together with her artistry, been portrayed in numerous renowned Swedish and International lifestyle magazines such as Elle, Plaza, Nya Rum, French Journal des Femmes, British Artefact Magazine, and US Humana Obscura Magazine.

Alongside her artistry, Caroline works as a model and is, within this world, acting as a brand ambassador for various recognized brands.