Fantasifull Seglats - Tickling voyage across the seven seas in imaginative ships that don't luff

Lindberg-on-Sea Art Gallery is proud to present Berit Norrbelius Lindbergs solo exhibition ’Fantasifull Seglats - Kittlande resa över de sju haven i fantasifulla skepp som inte lovar’ (Imaginative Seafaring - Tickling voyage across the seven seas in imaginative ships that do not luff’), where the artist gathered a collection of her favorite motifs; “Mighty Powerful Ships”.

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“With colour palettes and silhouettes I take you out to sea, channels and voluminous landscapes.
It is an amusing coincidence that the Gallery and I share a name, but it is even more exciting that we share our love for sea motifs and that my paintings now have found a home at Lindberg-on-Sea Art Gallery.”

Berit Norrbelius Lindberg’s imaginative and dreamlike ship and boat paintings are a display in unitary motifs which, at closer look, are made up by a great number of separate components and geometrical shapes. A testimony to the artist’s mathematical background which give the paintings a depth complementing their rich colour settings.
There is always a plethora of exiting details in the motifs – many playful, which contributes to Berit’s infinite fantasy world and often also becomes a source for the titles.
The detailed components, especially the dotted ones, are the result of moments when the artist takes a break from her creating phase and the repetitive work then becomes a meditative period.

The inspiration to the motifs in this exhibition Berit has taken both from her home by the Baltic coast outside of Gävle, but also from other places she has visited.
The inspiration for ‘Christiania on sea’ is taken from a walk overlooking Christiania in Copenhagen, where several boats had been gathered and together created an island, and where a caravan even had been rolled out amongst the mass of boats to serve as a home.

“The Boats and Ships are motifs which I constantly return to.
The impression of the sea is ever present as I live by the sea outside of Gävle where I have a daily contact with the ocean in all weathers, in summertime as well as in wintertime.”

Berit’s acrylic paintings are created of multiple layers, which enables swift changes in the motifs and colour settings to build her imaginative worlds.
The base for the paintings is laid by using whichever paint left over from the artist’s palette at the end of each painting day.
These paint residues are applied across empty canvases and creates a base which is both multicoloured and structured and no painting is thus alike.
Where suited the original base is kept, and in other places a thin paint layer is applied to maintain the structure at the same time as the colour setting can be changed to create the desired effect. The artist mostly uses a brush, but sometimes base paints are also applied with a spray bottle to further enhance and give additional structure and pattern to the painting.
Berit’s ships and land- and seascapes are then built through geometrical shapes and blocs in additional layers on the canvas.
Most of the acrylic paint is mixed to obtain the right colour and hue, only a few colours are kept in their original state such as the bright reds and ultra-marines.
The goal is to create motifs which, although bright in colours, shall harmonize within their colour setting and be vivacious without being invasive.

Maritime Aware Art
As always, a part of the Gallery’s revenue is donated to organizations working to protect and preserve World Oceans and their inhabitants.

To the artworks and artist bio

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