Ralf Arzt - Plastic free Oceans

“My aim is to create contemporary, figurative painting that belongs in the here and now.
For me art is a thing of beauty, but even if the women I paint are very beautiful, I cannot profess to putting beauty at the forefront. It is all about capturing the soul, charisma and mysticism in a given moment of a fleeting situation and being able to relate this emotion to others“

During February Lindberg-on-Sea has the great pleasure to present the fantastically nature-like and realistic artworks of Ralf Arzt.
In Arzts latest works, ’Underwater – plastic free oceans’, is a will from the artist to create an awareness of the problematic around littering, and especially plastic, in the world oceans.
Arzt wishes with his artworks to increase the knowledge of the problems and try to contribute to an awareness and greater focus on the importance of clean and plastic free oceans.

Within his artistry, Ralf Arzt works in two very different techniques.
The first technique consists of building digital graphics - ann incredibly time-consuming technique which generates truly detailed graphical artworks with high resolution for large-scale prints.
The second technique is oil painting, where Arzt uses his graphical motifs as original and from these creates a unique painting with an incredible realistic and lifelike expression through techniques going back to the antique art forms.

The aim of Arzt’s art, foremost figurative but which also consists of grand seascapes, is not to create photorealistic artworks, but an imagery which brings the observer far beyond the world of photography.
With a vast knowledge of the human anatomy in combination with his unique techniques, Arzt creates finely tuned paintings with a beauty and perfect balance, technically advanced but fantastically uncomplicated.

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