During September and October, Lindberg-on-Sea Art Gallery has the pleasure to, with great enthusiasm, present Christian Poignant’s exhibition ‘Sjörapporter’ (‘Shipping forecasts’).

The artist’s semiabstract paintings compose of vibrant and powerful scenes taken from the archipelago of the Swedish east coast, where the staccato terminology of the shipping forecasts gives a poetic complement to the exhibition space;

“The titles of the paintings and the theme of the exhibition are taken from the daily shipping forecasts.
The memories of growing up in the archipelago of Oxelösund with a shushing grandfather pressing his ear to the radio set. The kids had to tread lightly and stay dead quiet.

I still listen to the shipping forecasts in the studio and follow the coast from south to north. It is incredibly comforting and soothing and brings memories and atmospheres to life.”

Christian Poignant
September 2020

Read more about Christian Poignant and see the the artworks here

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